Dan Barham’s Shiny New Website

Words Dan Barham
Photos Dan Barham
Date Sep 30, 2012

Dan Barham Photography New Website
  Mason Mashon and Kyle Norbraten at Whistler Bike Park.

I’m really excited because I’ve always tried to get my work across to as many people as easily as possible, and now with improvements in Internet speed and browser technology I can finally show my images as I think they should be seen – as big as possible.

Now, instead of squinting to see tiny thumbnails of each photo, I’ve put up high resolution versions of my very best work that automatically fill your whole browser, as well as scale seamlessly to mobile devices such as the iPad.

Hope you enjoy!


Dan Barham Photography New Website
  Want to see this shot bigger? Head on over to Dan’s new website.

The visual component of site design is especially important for photographers. Check out Dan’s new layout and leave a comment to let him know what you think!

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