Date Jul 30, 2012

The Whistler Mountain Bike Park Trail Crew are a unique group of dedicated trail builders and riders given the ability to build dreams in order to fulfill yours. They are their own element in the perfection of what makes the Whistler Mountain Bike Park world-renowned and why thousands of riders flock here each year.

Whistler Mountain Bike Park Dedication Peter Matthews Gareth Dyer Goldstein Productions

DEDICATION introduces only a few of the characters behind the shovel at the Whistler Mountain Bike Park proving their dedication of building trails and riding bikes.

Starring Team Riders Peter Matthews and Gareth Dyer with supporting roles by John Blair and Trevor Berg from Trail Crew.

Good to see the boys poking fun at the braking bumps, and then shredding the hell out of the park they’ve had a hand in building. How are your hands feeling?


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