Words Trevor Hansen
Date Jun 13, 2012

  Groms learn some basic bike maintenance during a Fromme session.

My bike camps came to be after gathering 7 or 8 of my son’s grade three friends for a ride down the King of the Shore trail that I was re-buffing with MEC and Digger. I took the kids down the trail in order to see how they rode it so I could assess the trail parts that beginner kids were struggling with.

The first camps ran in 2010 with help from nsmb.com’s videographer Matt Dennison and last year we had former nsmb rider Ian Nelson helping out. Ian will be back again this summer.

nsmb nsmb.grom kids mountain bike camp north vancouver north shore
  By the end of the week all of the kids were loving the Lower Griffen bridges.

My qualifications: I have been teaching secondary school physical education for 16 years, leading bike and various sports camps for over 25 years, and riding for nsmb.com’s team for 10 years. In addition I have many first aid certifications.

Each day we start at my place at the base of Mt. Fromme taking kids on Shore trails learning how to handle their bikes, maintain trails and bikes and have a great time in the woods. The weeks’ activities are listed below.

Nsmb.grom camp 1: July 23-27              9am – noon ($195) 

Nsmb.grom camp2: July 23-27               1pm-4pm    ($195)

Nsmb.grom camp 3: July 30-Aug 3          9am – noon ($195)

Nsmb.grom camp 4: July 30-Aug 3           1pm-4pm    ($195)

If you are interested or have questions email me at [email protected].

  Break time on the Richard Juryn Trail with Ian Nelson and the boys. They learned to hide their garbage in each others packs during breaks after I revealed how Eamonn Duignan would hide rocks in my pack during Air Supply build days.


Monday: Demo forest trail ride. Orientation, bike checks, basic handling skills, trail ettiquette.
Tuesday: Fromme trails. Root and log riding skills, cornering and braking, intro to basic bike maintenance 1.
Wednesday**: R. Juryn trail to Interriver Bike Park (**see below re: pick up). Cross-country riding, Bmx track skills and balance riding, ascending and descending technique. R. Juryn trail XC trail.
Thursday: Fromme trails part 2. Root and log riding skills, cornering and braking, balancing. Video analysis of riding skill 1, basic trail maintenance.
Friday: Fromme trails part 3. Root and log riding skills, cornering and braking, balancing. Video analysis of riding skills 2, basic bike maintenance 2.
Agenda may change due to weather and/or rider abilities.

Drop off and pick up is at my place in Upper Lynn Valley except on the Wednesday when I would like to have parents pick up at Interriver park at noon for the morning group and 4pm for the afternoon group.

Checkout the camp video from 2010:

Does your future (or current) ripper want to join Trevor and the Nsmb.grom camp this summer to work on all sorts of bike and trail skills? Email [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to sign up.

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