Vid: Karla

Words Danielle Baker
Photos Danielle Baker
Date Jun 3, 2012

In the final year of my photography program Karla was my muse. She inspired a project that I completed for graduation photographing scars and recording the stories behind them. The biggest question that I get in response to the project and all the bike related scars is “do these people still ride bikes?”.  

Danielle Baker Karla mountain bike injury photography
  Karla displays her scars; her arm from both surgeries and her hip from the bone graft that was taken to repair her arm.

Karla’s story was the perfect way to answer this question, not only does she have one of the worst injury stories, she is back on her bike and organizing races. Karla uses her experience to drive her goals of providing safer racing environments and awareness for safety in our sport. Karla is an inspiration for any rider who has come back from an injury to get back on their bike!

Karla’s story is inspirational. Injuries are inevitable in our sport if you push your limits, and we all need the motivation to get rolling again. Thanks Danielle and Karla for sharing.

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