Vid: What Would Rocketman Ride?

Date May 27, 2012
Rocketman Cotic Rocket

Cotic’s new Rocket is a steel all-mountain smasher. The video below features the Rocket, but has really nothing at all to do with the bike and that’s just fine…

Rocketman Cotic Rocket

Rocket details:

– 150mm rear suspension travel
– Reynolds 853 steel Ovalform and DZB tubed front end brings precision, durability and strength
– ISCG 05 for chain guide compatibility
– Tapered headtube
– 142×12 rear end for added stiffness
– 31.6mm seatpost size is dropper seat post compatible
– Geometry for speed, fun and interaction. 66.5deg head angle and low 13.3″ BB
– Cotic droplink suspension brings precision, fun and interaction via a strong progression rate on the linkage driven single pivot layout

For more info on the singletrack smashing steel Rocket, go to Cotic’s site HERE.

That video was not at all what we were expecting… what do you think of the Rocket? Does steel appeal?

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