Vid: The Beginning

Words Dan Barham
Date Mar 27, 2012

For me, this video represents the beginning of a couple of things: the start of Spring here on the North Shore, and also my first foray into the world of video. Shot over the course of about four hours one Sunday in March, on classic ‘Shore trail, “Ladies Only”

Dan Barham Video The Beginning Darcy Turenne Norco Hipster Waders
  Dan’s not ashamed of his hipster waders – in fact he’s busy getting shots no one else (except maybe Digger) is willing to shoot while wearing those rubber pants…

Thanks to Darcy Turenne for riding sketchy, slippery trails and Danielle Baker for helping out.

Dan Barham is all class. He’s easing us in to the idea that his pictures are now going to start moving… just like the riding season. Do you have any pointers for the new videographer? Send him your regards below…


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