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Words Seb Kemp
Date Feb 19, 2012
NSMB Video Week Feature Web Edit

I feel like the internet happened pretty fast. One minute I was playing kiss chase in the street learning curse words and the next I’m stuck in the central reservation of the Information Superhighway wondering why I can’t escape even though I’m hammering on the cursor.

The speed at which it became firmly planted in our everyday lives – our every-minute-of-the-day lives – is only superseded by the speed at the internet moves. We now travel at hyperspeed even when we are sat still. This means things that happen today are old before the sun sets and things that happened yesterday might as well have never happened.

But just because it has happened so fast doesn’t mean we have all kept ahead of, or even within, the curve. I’d say we are still in the honeymoon phase of the internet where everything about our new bed partner is rad, pert and glowing. We have become infatuated by the amazing new tool that we see the internet as, but like primates unintelligibly knocking rocks together with the same expression as a man who has been asked to convert fahrenheit to celsius in his head, we are still learning.

These days a person could legitimately go out and buy a relatively affordable camera that shoots high quality footage in the morning, edit it on their personal computer in the afternoon and upload it to internet for the world to watch that evening. To do this is easier than it is to plumb a house, lay concrete or build a 1/100 scale model of the Palace of Versailles using only tooth picks, lollipops and boogers.

However just because we have the tools doesn’t mean we have the capacity to make a work of art. More than ever a film maker needs to come up with a concept, a story, a plot, collect the shots that convey this story and it’s themes, and then edit it together into a piece of work that tells the viewer something. All week on NSMB we will be trying to hear from some film-makers who are going beyond shonky quick fix edits and throw away webeos.

For day one of video week we have three features for you:

Quick Queries # 1 – Seb asks a few filming honchos which web platform they prefer.

Interview – Connor and Derek from Ultramontane talk about their ambitious project.

Mason Mashon’s Top 3 Edits – every day this week we’ll have a guest reveal their favourite web edits. Mason’s take us off the dirt and into….

Another theme has arrived. It’s a chance for us to step back from the constant flow of content and put out an ‘issue’ like those luddites with their paper books. We found lots to talk about with this one. Add your voice to the conversation below.

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