New Year’s Wishes

New Year's Wishes

New Year’s resolutions have become a bad joke. And, for those who make them, a yearly reminder of past failures. If this comes as a shock I’m here to tell you that real change doesn’t come half way through a bottle of cheap champagne at two thirty in the morning on January 1st. If you happen to be that one person who keeps resolutions I’m guessing you set realistic goals. Things like watch more reality TV, drink more beer and bench press half your weight.

This line in the sand dividing one year and the next on the Gregorian calendar is arbitrary, and was perhaps institutionalized because the senators who killed Caesar were feeling guilty. Another hangover-based decision. Winter Solstice would make more sense wouldn’t it? As soon as the days start to get longer the dream of after-work rides comes back to life, so why not start the year then?

Despite my one-man campaign we’re stuck with January uno and, arbitrary or not, I appreciate the opportunity to assess, evaluate and maybe even look at what we might like to change. Over a cup of coffee I started to think about how this could be applied to the bike industry. We’re pretty lucky to be served by companies that are less driven by the almighty buck than most. I’m cynical about a few things but the people I know in the bike business genuinely believe in making good products and improving our riding experience. It’s not all roses, but when you consider that most bike companies have avoided becoming part of some multi-national shareholder-run conglomerate we’re pretty lucky.

We all have our gripes though and I thought this might be a good time to ask riders what they would like to see changed in the bike industry. It could be about the way bikes are made, how they are marketed, priced or distributed or about how they ride. Maybe you’d like to see yet another new wheel size?

My wish is below – as well as some from Seb and Morgan.

Join the fray with yours as well.

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