First DH1 Venue Announced is pretty excited about a DH series that is designed around a solid broadcast experience.  I’ve been hungry for more top level DH racing for some time and DH1 is a very exciting format.

Freecaster has announced the first venue will be Maribor on May 12-13. We decided to talk to the local organizer Iztok Kvas about the event. Iztok is manager of Specialized Bike Park Pohorje. He’s been the World Cup organizer in Slovenia since 1998 both as marketing director and race director. Here’s what he had to say.

How did you decide to become one of the venues on the DH1 circuit?

Iztoc Kvas – After quiting organizing the UCI World Cup, we where searching for a promotional event for our Specialized Bike Park Pohorje and DH1 tour is a perfect solution for us…

What do you like about the format?

That we can put amateurs – the most of our guests in bike park – together
with the best riders on the world is exactly what we where looking for…

maribor, minnaar, peat, uci,  world championships, sam hill, steve smith, 2010
  Greg Minnaar at Maribor in 2010.

Will the course be the same as the one you have used for World Cups in the past? What can the riders expect?

Yes, we will use the same course as for the UCI world cup, because it fits the best from all logistical aspects for the organization, but the riders can expect a lot of upgrading on different parts of the course with jumps, turns, etc…

Do you think having another series will be good for the sport of downhill racing?

If we consider that DH1 will fit with UCI world cup calendar it will bring:
– support for the teams to have constantly competitive rhythm almost from
week to week;
– more promotion for the teams’ sponsors;
– more world media attention for the dh sports overall.
So win situation for everybody involved.

How has working with Ray and Freecaster been different from working with the UCI?

We had correct cooperation also with UCI, but first impressions by working with Ray and Freecaster are a lot more ”freeride” in all organizational aspects. This means, we as the organizers can be involved in raising awareness of the tour, with experiences and know-how, with the one and the
main goal: to have the best possible event for the riders with adaptations on individual location…

maribor, minnaar, peat, uci,  world championships, sam hill, steve smith, 2010
  Peaty at Maribor 2010.

How do you feel about being the first stop on the DH1 tour?

We have been first stop also at the UCI world cup tour and it is the greatest feeling to host first event in the season, when all teams can wait to test and to show the new bikes, equipment, new riders on the tour etc.

High level of enthusiasm on every step…

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I strongly believe in huge success of DH1 tour for the future.

Maribor Finals Vid 2010


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