Vid – Andreu At Rampage

Broken bones, dirty faces, bruised bodies, bruised with pride. A natural reaction to apathy. This is Andreu’s obsession, the track he is on. The limit, in between making it possible or not. That empty space which separates a hero from the rest. This film is exactly about that, about a person attempting for something big. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about giving it a try and about surviving the RedBull Rampage.

One year later BLACKMEDIA CREW has joined forces in order to present Andreu Lacondeguy’s personal tapes. After having worked extremely hard on recovering and clasifying hours of raw material, we were able to reconstruct the hours just before the RedBull Rampage and in that way managed to get inside the body of one of freeride’s greatest legends.

This film is not just a documentary on the world’s biggest free ride event, it’s the story right from inside the trench, from the back line. It’s a story told in the first person. Written in blood… a real declaration of values.

A great look back at Rampage from 2010. Who might take it in 2012? Give what you’ve got here…

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