Vid – Stund Season 3!

Date Sep 10, 2011

It’s been a season in the making. STUND Visions – Mountain Biking’s first online series started back in 2006. Before the industry knew where things would be going, STUND made a move more than 5 years ago and took a chance on creating the first ever series to exclusively air on the web. Since then we’ve had 2 seasons under our belt and are now proud to expose our 3rd and best season yet. All free, all for you lovers of mountain biking everywhere. Finally after all the emails, comments, questions, and anticipation, we can honestly answer you, YES! Season 3 is coming.

stund vision, kinrade, buelher, doerfling

We threw it all on the table this year and were determined to make this the best season of all. Setting up cable cams, flying around scouting lines, building trails, and exploring as much as we could. With the same amazing and talented riders from season 2; James Doerfling, Steve Romaniuk, Garett Beuhler, and Mike Kinrade, This Season of STUND is set to be the best yet. 

stund vision, kinrade, buelher, doerfling

Thanks to sites like STUND has grown to have a total viewer impression of 1.7 million views over the past 2 seasons! it’s been an amazing ride for us and we’re stoked to bring you this next installment. Last but not least a huge thanks to our sponsors! Please. Support the companies that support us. They share our vision!

stund vision, kinrade, buelher, doerfling

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