Pump Track Challenge Panoramas

Date Sep 5, 2011

The images below are all full 360 degree spherical images, which you can look all around (including up and down), by clicking and dragging with your mouse to navigate. Get an idea of what it was like (if you weren’t there), or to relive the experience.

All photography and production by John Housser

Warmup – http://housser.ca/vr/Crankworx_2011_Pump_Track_Warmup
Centre of Warmup – http://housser.ca/vr/Crankworx_2011_Pump_Track_Warmup_Centre

Competitors get the track dialled in before the pump track challenge.

Brad and Brad – http://housser.ca/vr/Crankworx_2011_Pump_Track_Brads

Brad and Brad set the stage for the pump track challenge.

Berms – http://housser.ca/vr/Crankworx_2011_Pump_Track_Berms

Kyle Quesnel dives into the berm at one corner of the pump track.

Straits – http://housser.ca/vr/Crankworx_2011_Pump_Track_Straits

Carrying as much speed as possible through these straits was the order of the day.

Middle of the Track – http://housser.ca/vr/Crankworx_2011_Pump_Track_Middle
Judges – http://housser.ca/vr/Crankworx_2011_Pump_Track_Judges

View from the judges and officials towers.

Interviews – http://housser.ca/vr/Crankworx_2011_Pump_Track_Interview

Winner Mitch Ropelato is interviewed by Brett Tippie

Podium – http://housser.ca/vr/Crankworx_2011_Pump_Track_Podium

The podium for the pump track challenge.

Were you at the pumptrack challenge? Relive the experience? Speak here…

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