Vid – Soul

Date Sep 2, 2011

[SOUL] Some question its presence. As if chairlifts and full-face helmets somehow diminish the passion behind our gravity-fueled pursuit. What we know is that it has never been about equipment or high-speed quads or dual crown forks. Instead, it’s about substance, and commitment, and love for a two-wheeled life. Simply put, it is soul. So thank you. Thank you for being at the core of every decision I make. Thank you for providing the fire that burns throughout the impossibly long off-season. For the initial tinge of excitement I felt the first time I caught air, and for the lifetime of descents that followed. For keeping me focused: on fun, on performance, and on the trail. Thank you for showing others that you are alive and thriving in the stone, dirt, air and hearts you’ll find here. Thank you for bringing together other souls just like me to worship you in this kick-ass place. At once, you are everything to me, but just one small part of my favourite bike park in the world.

The fifth element of perfection(!) tells us the bike park season is on the wane – but that some of the best riding of the year is ahead of us. What did Mike Goldstein’s vid do for your stoke level? Report here…

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