Loamy Content – Vid

Words Liam Mullany
Photos Kevan Cote
Date Aug 2, 2011

This video came at a personal expense to me of about $800. As it turns out, the weather-sealed camera was not as weather-sealed as I had anticipated, and after an early morning fog had transitioned into an early afternoon monsoon the classic Vancouver weather had begun to pry it’s way inside my Canon 7D. Tiny electronics and tiny raindrops often cause problems with one another and soon after I had finished shooting the misty rockface sequence, the camera clicked off and flashed an internal error message. Unfortunately, that is the price to pay for playing with expensive electronic things in the rain… or dangling them precariously off of unsecured ladders 20 feet above the ground… or sprinting after the rider with a camera in hand trying not slip in mud or trip over a root (still haven’t gotten that move dialled). 

loam, liam mullany, kevan cote, Kirk McDowall
  Kirk showing that moss who’s boss

loam, liam mullany, kevan cote, Kirk McDowall
  Loose, muddy and fast

Luckily, Kirk McDowall has the perma-smile when I fall down and ask him once more to hike one of the loamy, loose trails he has been working on. Kirk has a tendency to be very smooth and consistent; a trait beneficial in keeping him moving quickly- but also annoying when trying to show how completely gnarly and difficult a particular line is on video. Regardless, he is always pinning and making it look way too easy and will continue to be a top contender in the race scene. He is definitely one to watch in the near future.

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