AIRprentice Day One

Words Matt Dennison
Date Jul 10, 2011

Blue skies, tacky trails and nine talented riders summed up day one of AIRprentice. After a quick rip down the berms of ‘Blast-off’ and a couple warm-up laps of their choice, the pack sessioned the Oakley Vault where they showed off their skills on the 4-pack and the wooden booters. The AIRprenti then moved down to ‘Pro Star’ for some bigger air and a fresh new lip built by the hardworking trail crew at Silver Star. After a bite and a drink at the Saloon the riders split themselves into four groups–three groups of two and one group of three. Teamed up with a photographer, each group ventured the hill in search for some bangers to reflect their style and creativity.

Tomorrow the boys race head-to-head on ‘Dags Downhill’ for a cash prize and everlasting glory–well at least until next years race.

And here’s Matt Dennison to tease you with another video.

The 2011 AIRprentice is selected tomorrow. It’s going to be a toughy. Place your bets here…

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