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The season’s slowly changing, the sky’s getting bluer, and the snow – knock on wood – is beginning to melt. It seems to be this time each year when everyone is itchin to jump back on the saddle, ride down some dirt and shake off that winter rust. 

Unfortunately for myself, it’s been one of those winters off the saddle. But for the past few weeks  I’ve managed to use my bike in a different manner. Inspired by Sampled Room and many similar videos on the web, I was curious to see what could be created using noises from a bike.

With the help of a couple buddies, I recorded whatever noises I could think of: dropping the bike, stomping on the pedals, releasing air from the tires, etc. Over the course of a few weeks we took those sounds and played with them, seeing what we could make. Meanwhile, on the video side of things, we set up an extremely make-shift backdrop in a bedroom.

  Taking low-budget filmmaking to a whole new level. Don’t forget to recycle, kids.

With a couple shop lights and whatever else we could use, we recreated the samples on video.

  The things you can do with household objects and a little elbow grease is endless.

Creating music from sounds that are generally annoying or unpleasant was a challenge. After much frustration and many hours in front of the computer, we hope we have created something that is very entertaining for the mountain biking community! Please enjoy!


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