Seasonaires Ep. 4

Date Nov 23, 2010

Canvassing good times.

It’s the days when I ride with Maxime Bruneau I struggle to figure out who is the worlds most stoked mountain biker. Is it Maxime or is it me because I was riding with Maxime?

His enthusiasm is infectious and his friendly outgoing character has made him a hit amongst many many people who inhabit Whistler.

His commitment to good times is demonstrated by the fact that he lived in a tent all summer in order to be able to ride everyday and save money. Living in a tent means the money saved will help him continue having fun when it turns to winter, when he will be heading to New Zealand for another summer of riding.

So anyone that says they wish they could give up their life and afford to live a season in Whistler needs to take note of Maxime. It’s just a case of wanting to do it, and if you want to do it you will make it happen. Even if it means sleeping in the cold and rain, sharing the woods with a bear, and being charming enough to convince the ladies that they should come back to a tent in the woods.

If you need inspiration then look no further than Max. If you need a good buddy to schralp laps with then look for Max in the lifelines. He is your man.  


Want to be like Max?  Would you live in a tent beside your $7000 mountain bike?  Pitch it here…

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