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Date Nov 16, 2010

Winter is fast approaching and for many of us that means less real riding and more dreaming of riding.  To help ease the pain (or make it worse depending on your perspective) Anthill is going to be releasing a few tasty bits from the DVD extras of Follow Me.  First up is short behind-the-scenes video from Gee and Stevie’s trip to New Zealand paired with a slide show from Caleb Smith of Spoke Magazine.

In early 2010 the Anthill Films crew, Gee Atherton and Steve Smith traveled to New Zealand for the final shoot for Follow Me.  We went expecting  warm, sunny days in the Southern Hemisphere… what we got was something completely different.  New Zealand is definitely one of the favorite segments from Follow Me.  But it didn’t always feel that way.  Check the video out here:

Caleb Smith was instrumental in helping us pull this segment off.  He embodies the generous spirit of everyone we met down in NZ and we’re stoked that he agreed to share his slide show with everyone.  Check out his slide show here:


If you are thinking let us know what it sounds like here…

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