Seasonaires Ep. 3

Date Nov 15, 2010

Emily Johnston, smoother than most.

As we see in the third episode of Seasonaires, once riding gets in your blood then in pulses on and on. Emily started coming to Whistler many years ago when the Bike Park was in its infancy. For Emily, who was a dedicated downhill racer at the time, Whistler was a great place to come and ride because of the trails and the people imbedded there that helped push her riding.

Nine years later, after riding many places around the world, Emily still finds herself drawn to Whistler for the summers because of it’s incredible diversity in riding styles and motivated riding community. 

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Emily is one of only three women to successfully land a backflip to dirt, and is still one of the smoothest riders in the park. Modest, quiet, and unassuming she crushes trails everyday of the summer when she rides for herself. But conversely, these days she works as a coach for the Bike Park teaching others to ride better and with greater confidence.

Whistler is home to many more female mountain bikers than most places. On any given weekday there are more women ripping the local trails than most men can ever imagine, and a lot of them ride better than the guys. Emily shows that following the mountain biking dream isn’t just restricted to males.

Whistler and a woman who rips on a bike.  What do you think? 


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