Matty Hunter on Fox

Date Oct 12, 2010

Watsonville, CA October 12, 2010 – FOX Racing Shox announced today that they’ve added freerider Matt Hunter to their roster of world-class athletes. Riding for 23 of his 27 years, Matt’s experience comes through in his seemingly effortless defying of gravity. 

matt hunter, specialized, fox racing shox, 2011

“To say I’m excited to be joining the FOX Racing Shox team is a bit of an understatement,” said Hunter. “This is so much more than just a sponsorship deal; I’m becoming part of a family that supports me and a team that includes so many great riders that I admire.”

“They’re fully behind my love for filming and photo projects and started lining up shoots for me before the ink even dried on the contract,” Matt went on to say.

Hunter lives to put you in the action through the film projects he participates in. His most recent films include Life Cycles, which is due to drop next month, and Follow Me — released earlier this year. Good thing this is the case because FOX Racing Shox is wasting no time in putting his talent to work. His first filming projects are already scheduled begin in October with a crew of his new FOX Racing Shox teammates. 

matt hunter, specialized, fox racing shox, 2011

“Hunter’s talent and passion for the sport is as big as the air he catches,” said Mark Fitzsimmons, Mountain Bike Race Manager at FOX Racing Shox. “We’re all very excited to have him join the FOX Racing Shox family.”

If you have sharp eyes you may have noticed that Matt’s been on Fox for some time.  Now it’s official.  Think this is a good fit?  Stoked for Matty?  Spill here…

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