Beast Gear Podium Legs

Words Dan Gronross
Photos Todd Hellinga
Date Nov 26, 2010

One of the most ironic things about this review would probably be that I am penning it from the emergency department of the Lion’s Gate Hospital here in North Vancouver. I broke my right leg in 4 places yesterday in Whistler, literally just riding along. (note – Dan wrote this earlier and he’s all healed up now!)


Injuries in mountain biking are commonplace. With increased risk comes a greater consequence. We as mountain bikers (okay there are some that don’t) understand that risk and continue to pursue the adventure of our sport. We push ourselves further and higher, all to be a better rider.

    Look at that deadly Clint Eastwood squint.  Go ahead – make Dan’s day.

We can’t control everything so to help mitigate the risk associated with the sport we can prepare ourselves as best possible. We deck ourselves out with the latest and greatest helmets, gloves, neck braces, back braces, chest protectors, knee pads, arm pads, and wrist guards, all in the effort to keep us out of here – the ER.


That is where Beast Gear comes into the equation. Beast gear have been producing armour to protect riders for 10 years, and the Podiums are the 10th Aniversary Edition of their protection. They have taken their knowledge of the moto-cross industry and have constructed a line up of mountain bike-specific protective armour.

   The Podium is one of Beast Gear’s knee shin armour offerings and the details are listed below.


Construction Notes
The hard plastic portion is 6mm or 1/4″ thick, which is the thickest on the market. In addition it is designed much like a hardhat in that there is not to be any direct impact on crutial areas. There are vent holes located at the side of the knee cap and the top of the shin cap to allow air to excape in the event of an impact. This escaping air helps reduce the chances of bruising and broken bones, by offering a cushion in the location of the impact, instead of a hard hit.

The Backback System, the 4 strap attachment device at the back of the pads used to secure the pads to the legs. The pads are constructed of coolmax fabric with polyetheylene (both perforated for ventilation). There is an additional strap provided to install at the bottom of the knee pad.


The Fit.


The knee cup separates from the shin guard offering the rider the upmost in versatility with respect to sizing. We all know that no rider is built the same and that means that the typical one-size fits all idea doesn’t fly so well. Additionally the straps are adjustable, and come in multiple sizes so that the rider can choose just how to make them fit perfect.


The Ride.


One of the biggest complaints about knee pads is that they tend to slip down past your knees removing the protection from the area they are intended to protect. This is largely because of the conical shape of the knee. The large quad muscle (if you protein up yours are bigger than most) tapers to the knee and then depending on how many squats you perform on a regular basis, taper even further to the calf muscle.


There is no amount of work that can be done to provide the optimal sizing of pads, but the Podiums to a damn good job. Some initial switching of the straps and some minor adjustment to the location of the shin guard, and the pads never slide down.


I even managed to crash pretty hard on one technical decent and I must say that without the Podiums on, I would have surely had a hole in my shin.



Great fit

Super adjustable

Breathable as shin guard can be.

Local company



One of the straps tended to rub the back side of my knee. Some adjustment was required every once and a while.

I don’t normally ride shin pads, so I found them a bit bulky.


Beastgear podium versa fit arms and legs are for sale at the Cove Bike Shop for $69.95 for legs and $44.95 for arms.

Anything to say about Beast Gear, leg pads in general, Dan’s accidents or the size of his calves?  Say it here…

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