AIRprentice Entourage

Words Trevor Hansen
Date Jul 3, 2010

AIRprentice day 1 contestants, team guys, sponsors, Silverstar guides and a bunch more = one big entourage…Jerry called shotty on being Turtle. Some AIR p day 1 entourage shots taken with a Nokia N900 phone – the AIRprentice winner’s phone.


Everybody checking out the new never ridden before step-up, ladder step-down to hipper.


We sessioned the vault with the boys hitting everything on their big bikes (except Matt M. who shredded huge on his hardtail.

Cam,”It was this big.” Tippie,”No dude it was this big. And did you hear the one about…”


The vault session overview.


Former rider Barb Haley and some random dude falling all over her.


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