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Words Dan Gronross
Photos Dan Barham
Date Jun 13, 2010

Hot on the heels of the Seymour Smackdown, Arduum takes place on the 19th and 20th of June, 2010.

Deep in the woods of the District of Mission, in the Mission Rod and Gun Clubs backyard, lies the trail. Steep and technical are words normally used to describe the trail as it falls down the side of Red Mounatin.

Here is the information that you are going to need to race!


Friday June 18th, 2010

Course will be open for hiking only.

Saturday June 19th, 2010

8:00am through 12:00pm – Registration

9:00am through 4:00pm – Shuttles running for practice runs

4:00pm through 5:00pm – Pro-Only Runs (no sessioning)

5:00pm through 7:00 pm – BBQ by the Fraser Valley Mountain Bike Association

7:00 pm through 9:00pm – Dunbar Cycles 16″ BMX Race

Sunday June 20th, 2010

8:00am through 11:00am – Shuttles running for practice runs

11:00am through 12:00pm – Course closed and washroom break for the marshals.

12:00pm through 4:00pm – RACE TIME!

5:00 Awards and Swag Toss!

Arduum Race Location and getting there:

Directions to the race course here!

Parking Notifications:

There is limited parking at the base of the course and at the Mill Pond. There is to be no parking along the entrance to the Mission Rod and Gun Club.

We have given the Rod and Gun Club permission to tow any vehicle parked there. Please abide by these rules, no one should have to go and get their vehicle out of the impound lot after racing.


There is a nice grass lot by the Mill Pond. In the past people have tended to group there. Please clean up after yourself and remember that there is a road close by so lock up your items.


Shuttles this year will be 4 Mini Buses and 4 Cube Vans. They will leave from the parking lot at the Mission Rod and Gun Club. 15-20 riders will be able to fit in each bus. These are the only vehicles allowed near that parking lot. Any authorized vehicles will be shot!


Registration will take place at the Pinkbike Trailer at the base of the race course. Make sure that you are super nice to the lovely ladies there, or they just might cancel your registration. You will be getting a racer package with some valuable information. We suggest that you read it.


There will be food provided by the lovely ladies of the Mission Rod and Gun Club as per last year throughout the race day.

There will be a BBQ provided at a small cost to participants from 5pm to 7pm on Saturday June 19th, 2010, at the base of the race course. All proceeds from the event will go toward the Fraser Valley Mountain Bike Association.

Th break down is this: $3 a burger and pop/water for FVMBA members and $5 for non-members. There will be memberships being sold at the same time for $20.00. With a membership purchase the burger is included. There will be two BBQ’s cooking so bring your hunger.

SRAM/FreeLap Challenge:

From 3:00 to 4:00 during practice Saturday the “Freelap Challenge” is returning. We should have a few watches on site for sale at a discounted rate and we are also selling the watches and wands through the registration website. Be sure to grab one and test your speed the night before the race.

We have partnered with SRAM and through the website will be posting the fastest time from the “Freelap Challenge” on Saturday night. It is then your turn to send in your best guess as to what the fastest time on race day will be. Send your answers to The first person to guess it right, wins a stellar prize from Rockshox!

Cycle Component Network SPEED TRAP

There is a relatively straight section of trail coming into the new hip jump at the lower 1/4 of the course. There you will find the CCN SPEED TRAP! That is right, an honest to goodness Police certified radar gun complete with digital display. You will be able to see first hand just how fast, or slow you will be going. Dont’ worry though if you missed your speed, Rocky Mountain Fro-Rider Brett Tippie will be in the “living room” to heckle you!

Dunbar Cycles 16″ BMX

Back again for 2010 the Dunbar Cycles 16″ BMX Challenge will take place Saturday from 7pm till 9pm, June 19th, 2010. Helmets are mandatory! Knee/shin pads are recommended.

I would like to thank all the sponsors of this event, without them it wouldn’t happen:

Dunbar Cycles,,, SRAM, Transition Bikes,, Scion Canada, Sombrio, Helly Hansen, Freelap, Redbull, Central City Brewery and the Bryson Racing Clan.

Anything you’d like to know or add?  Go to the Arduum thread here…

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