Camp Of Champions

Words Justin Wyper
Date Apr 22, 2010

I have a fairly busy schedule this summer with all the contests and traveling I have planned, going from teva mtn games, to crankwork Colorado, to claymore challenge in highlands mtb park to name a few. One thing I am super excited about is I am moving up to Whistler May 1st! You all know what this means. Many, many laps on the hill every day, I will be able to spend countless hours on my bike every day nothing could be better! One other thing this does is opens up a hole bunch of new work opportunities for me. I have always loved riding and hanging out with younger riders so when COC (Camp Of Champions) Approached me and asked if I would be a coach this year for the camp I could not have been more excited. Here is A short video that COC put together during SeaOtter. Check it out I think it is pretty cool, plus there are a few riding shots in it.  

Camp of Champions At Sea Otter Bike Festival and Aptos Dirt Jumps from Camp of Champions on Vimeo.

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