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Date Mar 31, 2010

With some of the best products in cycling under our belt, we started thinking about what other outdoor activities brought us the same passion as when we were children, and unanimously here at SRAM, it was love and memories of fishing. Nothing makes us more pleased today than to announce the newly formed SRAM Fishing Development Department.

  SRAM FDD Test Lab.

Based in the heart of North American fishing country, our new facility will work on ways to improve the enjoyment during actual fishing and to get closer to nature.  Having a clean slate, we looked at all the current (or as we like to say “old fashioned”) technology and decided that to improve on the experience we’d have to forgo what has become traditional methods.  

  Tyler Morland – sponsored FDD Noodler.

We knew that this meant leaving the old rod and reel in the garage to find new techniques that brought us back to the true roots of fishing.  We experimented with explosives: fun and effective but extremely loud; by the end of the day we noticed a severe communication problem among the test team.  With that experience behind us we tried a more ancient technique which involved jumping off the boat and tackling the fish. Preliminary results of this technique were less than satisfactory and caused the test team to feel extremely chilled.  We felt this approach would traumatize children and decided to forgo future testing.

  HB Noodlin’

So after numerous failed attempts at finding a new way to make catching fish more fun we checked out the Interweb™ and stumbled across a technique that could land an 80lb Catfish using only a bare arm.  After concentrated YouTube™ video study, we noticed the intense fun these “Noodling” fisherpeople were having, and it reminded us of childhood and the true spirit of catching a fish.

  The SRAM FDD Party Boat.

With this new found love of the sport we decided to go full-steam-ahead with the purchase of a new boat and race truck (Pictured). The plan for year one is to assemble the strongest team of Noodling athletes in the industry to fulfill our love of competition and to show SRAM’s road and mountain bike racing programs that we can dominate a sport also. Right now we don’t have a clue of what we’ll make to improve on current equipment, but after a year of competition under our belts we should start making some amazing products (of course Zipp’s roots in triathlon technology will give us an obvious advantage).  We also just heard through the Noodling forums that there will be an announcement by the newly formed Subaru-Gary Fishin Team™. We say: bring it ON!

Keeps an eye out for SRAM Noodling Equipment arriving soon to your local Bass Pro Shop. 

And remember to Noodle safe, and always eat what you catch.

Noodle for Life!!!!

SRAM Fishing Development Dept.

Can SRAM challenge Shimano’s dominance in two industries?  Do you like thier approach – and their boat?  Cast this way…

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