Danny MacAskill

Words Dimitri Lehner
Photos David Ulrich
Date Oct 15, 2009
danny macaskil video interview nsmb trials

Maybe you aren’t one of the 11 million people who have been gobsmacked by Danny MacAskil’s bicycle riding.  If you are in that category have a look below. You’ll see him bunny up a flight of eight stairs landing in a backwards manual, toss a tailwhip into a gnarly trials transfer – and basically make the impossible look easy. Danny has been picked up by Tarek Rasouli’s squad and is likely to continue to be a viral sensation.  Dimitri Lehner of Freeride – the best German bike mag – asked Danny some questions so the world could get to know his preferences for sheep, cake, weasels and crabs.  Scroll after viewing.

Cam McRae


Dimitri’s questions in bold.

+    What was your biggest test of courage? Riding along spiky fence.
+    Anything you have missed so far in life?  Travelling around the world.
+    What do you need more time for?  To eat more cakes.
+    Is there anything where you totally suck? Writing haha.
+    While zapping in TV, where do you get stuck?  Ray Mears extreme survival.

danny macaskil video interview nsmb trials
 Danny performing in front of the crowds at Eurobike.
+    What’s a challenge for you?  Walking places when I could ride.
+    If you could meet three people dead or alive, who would that be? Giant Angus MacAskill, David Attenborough.

+    Your favourite movie.  Crash.
+    What sport would you NOT want to learn?  Fixie polo.
+    Best sport besides Biking? Wing suit base jumping.

danny macaskil video interview nsmb trials
 Manual to tailwhip?  Sure – why not?
+    Which athletes impresses you most outside of riding bikes? Travis Pastrana,  Robbie Madison.
+    Which of your own achievements makes you proud? Learning to wheelie .
+    How do you relax best?  Riding my bike.
+    Your favorite move/trick?  Street flares
+    Your favorite motto at the moment? Remember kids don’t do drugs……… lightly haha
+    Which word or saying do you use too often?  Wee and sprachel
+    What is a temptation for you?  Reduced cakes in the supermarket
+    Where would you like to have a second home?  French alps.

danny macaskil video interview nsmb trials
 I’ve never seen this move before.  Does it have a name?
+    You can travel in time. Which period do you chose?  The 80s
+    What comes after death?  Eaten by worms
+    You will be reborn. As what?  A weasel
+    Sometimes scared of your job? no
+    What fact about you surprises people? That I get thrown out of every bar I’ve ever been in.
+    What would be your dreamjob besides being a pro rider?  Space man
+    What sucks about being a pro rider? nothing
+    Top 5 things to eat? jam and cream cakes, black forest gateau, carrot cake if I’m feeling healthy,  haggis, fish.
+    Top 5 things you miss about home? Rain, sheep, midges, my dog, the sea.
+    Top 5 you like? Cake, bikes, girls, seals, mearcats.

+    Top 5 you hate? Emos,  fixxies, skinny jeans,  MacDonald’s,  crabs.
+    5 things you wanna do before you die?  Fly in a wing suit, travel the world with my bike,  sail round the world, break the world record snake skid!!
+    What makes you laugh? Everything.

danny macaskil video interview nsmb trials

+       Complete the sentences (Dimitri’s in bold)
+       The worst in biking is fashion.
+       Style is nonexistent.
+       The North Shore is a place I want to visit.
+       Crankworx is a progressive competition.
+       Using a foampit is  a handy way not to hurt yourself
+       A backflip is  a fun trick
+       Bearclaw is a good rider
+       A year on a desert island would be fun! I lived on Skye for 17 years so I would know.
danny macaskil video interview nsmb trials
 The scary thing about Danny is that he might be going up that ramp.

+       And now some bangers:
+       Picnic or fancy gala dinner? Picnic.
+       TV or book?  TV.
+       Painkiller pill or just hoping it goes away? Painkiller by Judas Priest.
+       Party animal or early in bed? Party animal.
+       Wild dancer or observer?  Very wild dancer.
+       Walker or driver?  Walker.
+       Talker or listener.  Talker.
+       Cleaner or collector? Collector.
+       Business or economy class?   Economy.
+       Good protection or cool look?  Good protection
+       North or south?  North.
+       Stairs or elevator?  Stairs.
+       Repair it or buy it new?  Buy a new one.
+       Summer or winter?  Summer.
+       High heels or farm girl?  Farm girl.
+       Megavalanche or Rampage?   Megavalanche.
+       Leader of the pack or teammate?  None.
+       Sailboat or powerboat? Power boat.
+       Politically correct or rebel?  Rebel.
+       City or countryside? Both
+       Tattoo or piercing?  None

 Is Danny your kind of Meercat?  Do you like crabs, farm girls and picnics?  Give us your answers here…

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