Team Changes

Words Eamonn Duignan
Photos Dan Barham
Date Sep 29, 2009

Much like the shorter and cooler days of the ever encroaching fall, team nsmb is also undergoing some changes in preparation for the upcoming season.  The team will see a loss, and at the same time, a gain of a few notable athletes, not to mention a reshuffling of sponsors.  Stay tuned for the official press release of who’s coming and who’s going, and for the official unveiling of our sponsors for two-ten!  In a phrase, big changes! team 2009

Team nsmb et al. This shot was taken in Silver Star at this year’s AIRprentice. Team riders in the back row are left to right: Mitch Chubey (in green like the AIRprenti), Jerry Willows, Dylan Dunkerton (Stubs), meself (yes, with my shirt on), Justin Wyper (texting) Ian Nelson, Trevor Hansen and Curtis Robinson (trying to look chic). AIRprentice riders left to right; Justin Leong (white pads), Daryl Ostendorf, Garrett Robinson, Mason Mashon, Mark Matthews, Andrew Sherry (AIRprentce 09), Brett Tippie, Tyler Leblanc, Ben Glassen and Ian Killick. Photo: Dan Barham

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