831 from Fox

Date Sep 1, 2009

FOX Racing Shox is proud to announce the 831 Suspension Fork. Designed and engineered for the demanding disciplines of 4X, Dirt Jump, and Dual Slalom, the 831 uses the FOX 32 mm platform, FLOAT® Air Spring technology, and FIT™ RLC damper.

The 831’s FIT RLC damper is specifically valved with firmer high-speed compression damping and new low-speed compression needle and circuit, to increase pedal efficiency when sprinting out of the start gate and absorbing large jump landings. The FLOAT air spring has been designed to add more progression, to push back on the rider during high cornering loads.

Travel is factory set at 100 mm, and is internally adjustable from 80 to 120 mm in 5 mm increments for optimal crown-to-axle height tuning. The chassis has increased stiffness at this travel due the use of FOX’s longer travel chassis components normally found on the 32 FLOAT, TALAS®, and Vanilla® forks.

Like all FOX Racing Shox products, the Race and Engineering team worked with their top athletes to develop a fork specifically for their needs. “We’re constantly working with our athletes to find every advantage possible. With the 831 we developed a fork for our amazing 4X and Dirt Jump athletes that is lightweight, yet still offers the FOX performance, stiffness and steering precision they are accustomed to,” stated Mark Fitzsimmons, FOX Race Manager.

The 831 was developed and tested during the 2009 season using the 2009 4X World Cup Champion Jared Graves, riders Cameron McCaul and Dan Atherton, and the 2009 Crankworx Dual Slalom champion Kyle Strait.

 The Fox 831 DJ and 4X fork may be the best application yet for the 15 QR mechanism.

For riders interested in purchasing the 831, placeholder orders will be accepted beginning 8/31, for shipment on November 16.

Retail price is $831 in the US of A.


3.833 lb (1738.6g) – 1 1/8″ steerer
3.8 lb (1725.2g) – 1.5″ steerer

Travel -100 mm

Low Speed Compression
Lockout force adjust
Lever actuated lockout
Air spring pressure
Travel (internally adjustable)

Damper -FIT RLC

Lower Leg – 15QR

Steerer – 1 1/8″ (option 1.5 taper)

Spring – Air

Fork Color – Black

check out the new site at foxracingshox.com


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