Stephen Matthews (AirPrentice 2011)

Date Jul 29, 2009

Stephen MatthewsStephan Matthews

Specialized Bikes

Age: Twenty-two

Years Riding: Nine Years

Current Bikes: 2011 Specialized Demo 8 II, 2011 Specialized P3

Favourite Trail: Inside Joke, Whistler

How Many Days A Week Do you Ride: Seven

Local Hangout: The Whistler Bike Park, The GLC

Favorite Food: Raclette

Favorite Movie: Point Break, “You know there’s no way l can handle a cage, man!”

“if I had all the money in the world, I would”: Buy you a fur coat, take a Limosine, buy fancy Dijon Ketchups, etc. Then I’d travel the world riding new destinations and share the adventure!

Favourite Drink: Arnold Palmer or Howe Sound Timberline Pale Ale



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