my last five days.

Words justin wyper
Date Jun 10, 2009

These past five days have been the best five days of my life! 

Day one.
 I woke up early got all my clothes and bikes together and loaded them all up into the truck. soon after my buddy john remple sowed up at my house with his big bag of clothes, and his two bikes, we where off to whistler! when we got to whistler we droped are little bikes off at cooper savers house and made are way to the hill. we shreded super hard all day. it was super hot out and the chair lifts where not running so we had to take the hot boxes up the hill (the gondola), but it was so worth it. once the mountian closed down we where off to coopers to do a bike swap and go ride some jumps untill dark.

Day Two.
we got up met up with cooper and got to shred the hill. it was sweet that cooper was able to make it out as he had been super busy with finishing up his school. he showed us a bunch of cool trails that have been long forgoten about, and we took him down crack adict. (the best trail in the world) it is crazy how you could live in whistler and never have gone down this trail!Any ways after the mountian we chilled by the lake for a little wile and cought some rays untill it got a little later and made are way to maxx fish. I didnt have any ID on my so i didnt end up getting in, even after a long argument with the bouncer and shoing him my disney land auto topia drivers licence. so being many wobaly pops deep already i decided to wonder around whistler and make a night of it. well that i did, i started to colect things, at the end of the night when john and every one left the bar i was found in the back of my truck with all my toys.

Day three.
another super early morning, now we where leaving whistler and making are way to kamloops to race the ranch. we decided that we where going to go threw pemberton and cash creek. niether of us have ever drove threw the back way to kamloops, let me tell you it is not a drive i want to make every day! wow that is a bad road. we got to kamloops at about twelve in the afternoon, signed up for the race and took a few pre laps. the cource had so many ruts and holes witch would not have been such a big deal if they where not filled with 6 inches of dust. you would come into so corner you thought had a 2 inch rut hit and 8 inch rut get coverd in dust and be blinded for the next 30 feet and then hit a hole filled with dust! it was terible!
so as soon as we got to the ranch we where over it and left to go ride rose hill and reo. Reo is a sweet, fast, and super bermy trail that matt road in the latest colective film. that trail is so much fun i could ride it all day! this was one of the best trail days in my life, untill…. my key to my truck broke off in my egnition at the top of rose make a long story short we sat at the top waiting for some one to come help up, finaly bcaa came and towed my truck to a canadian tire at 11:30 at night.

Day four.
we where stranded in a canadian tire parking lot needing a solution to a truck with a key jamed in the egnition. me and john both have shalow pockets and could not aford the costs of getting the mechanics at c tire to fix it so we took the cheeper root and baught a hack saw and a screw driver. we cut the lock off the egnition and jamed a screwdriver in and wala! good as new. we where off to are race! we got to the ranch with enogh time to put are pads on and chatch the shuttle up to the top. we didnt get a pre lap, and all we kept hearing was how much worse the cource had gotten. all i could do was hope that all the lines i had found the day beffor where still there. i have never been to a real race befor other then the dh at sea otter, which i would not really concider to be a race, i road that just to ride a trail that had some jumps on it. so when i got the line i was pretty nerves. the counted down from 15 and i was off.i had a super clean run at the top.but in the bottom i washed out in a hmped burm that i had tryed to scrub, where i thought their was grownd there was dust and out went my front tire. I ended up recovering quite well and pedeld my ass of to the finish. I thought i did quite well, and was pretty pumped on my time of 2.53.69. it turnd out that was good enough for first place in my catagory and ended up being something like the 8th fastest time of the day. so i was so pumped!

Day five
yesterday we finaly where back home but nope we could not put are bikes down. it was a perfect day for filming. my self john remple, and wylie, all went out to sumas mountian and filmed with brock, john and wylie where shooting for their Airprentce vids, and i was trying to just get some footage for some randome companys. we only had my truck so we picked up big red. you may be asking your self who is big red. well beig red it the scaryest death trap on three wheels you have ever seen. wylie has this big red three wheeler that is called big red, it has no sespention and wants to role on every turn, so it is great to rip up a windy loging road with giant holes and braking bums, with two people hanging on for dear life to suttle the truck back to the bottom. any ways we where up opn the mountian for about 6 hours, we all got a tun of film, so keep you eyes peeled for john and wylies promos they will be super sick. 

I can not wait untill next year when we do it all over again!

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