Been Building.

Words Justin Wyper
Date May 19, 2009

So this guy named Jordie Lunn puts on this really cool comp every year, this year was the “Fresh Air” he had built some really cool and fun stuff. I right now am in the middle of putting jumps in my yard, it has been a little to wet to dig so I thought to my self hey why not try and build something cool that jordie had at his place. so I spent a day out in my yard with my chain saw ripping logs, nailing wood, and piling a little dirt. It turned out super cool, i built it a little smaller then the stunt jordie had built, and i also made it hip to the right a bit so it would flo well into another set of jumps i have going in. any ways enough typing, take a look.




Now all i need is to pick up some black paint the paint the plywood on the sides, wait for the dirt to dry a little, and ride it!


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