A Day In The Dome.

Words Justin Wyper
Photos Seth Cairns
Date May 28, 2009

About a week or so ago a few of us headed up to Whistler. The trails where not dry, the mountain was not up and running yet so we met up with one of are good buddies Cooper and had a little sesh in the air dome. It was super fun, for quite some time I had not been doing any “tricks” as I was just having fun trying to flow threw jumps and work on my “sketch”. Finally a place where I could just throw down for a whole day, I had a ton of stuff in my head and boy was I excited! I was trying some new things into the foam, like flip inverts, and inside three inverts.


Once I played in the foam for a wile it was time to try my luck on the box jumps. The Air Dome has a cool set up, if you drop in strait you will hit the foam, but it you drop in to the left you ride into a big hipped box that flows into a second strait box jump. These box jumps are super cool and super fun. I have been getting pretty comfortable with my threes so I did some of those over the wood. and after I did a few threes, I decided I would whip out a few whirly birds.

All in all it was great day thanks alott Cooper, and andrew for letting me play.

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