NS Bike Fest Update

Words James Wilson
Date Apr 1, 2009

Press release April 1 , 2009
North Shore Bike Fest (NSBF) announces new concept and entry fees:
NSBF has signed off an agreement in principle with IntraWest to assist in marketing the Newest concept in Shore living.
Based on the wildly successful Whistler model, IntraWest is moving ahead with the creation of a chair lift network to service the Shore. The first lift will pick up riders at InterRiver Park and lift them to the Trail head for CBC trail. Jon Silcock ( Lead Engineer ) states ” It’s obvious to anyone that The North Shore is the home of mountain biking and if Whistler can be profitable so can the Shore”
Phase two will see the creation of a peak to peak concept linking the peak of Seymour to Mt. Fromme. 
The role of the NSBF will be to assist in ‘making it real’ by showcasing designs and development concepts at the upcoming festival.
InterRiver park is one of the last available parcels of land on the Shore and has been on the books for a while as a potential site for development. Phase three will be the development of 3400 condo units on the site. Phase four will see condos on the east face of Mt. Fromme.
James Wilson of the North Shore Bike Fest adds; ” I am stoked ! What an opportunity for Shore residents. I have always wondered about the use of vehicles to shuttle and this will clearly be a greener way to ride.”
With these plans comes a new fee structure for the upcoming North Shore Bike Fest;
The XC Marathon will now cost $450 per rider.
The BC Cup Dh will be $550
The XC kids ride will be $250
The Womens Only trail run will be $300
Extry to the expo will be $150
Sharon Bader also of the North Shore Bike Fest explains the fees: ” This fee structure reflects the real costs to operating an event of this magnitude. We are in partnership with IntraWest and frankly need to pay for the lift.
As a show of goodwill IntraWest will be Helishuttling participants of the Downhill to the top of Neds from InterRiver Park for the event. 
More information can be found at : northshorebikefest.com

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