2022 Gift Guide - Week 5

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LoamLab Components Counterpunch

LoamLab is no stranger to our Gift Guides or to NSMB readers in general, so this is simply a reminder that the Counterpunch makes a great addition to any bike that sees time on trails that have trees. Great for a stocking stuffer or anyone you know who likes to weave through trees at speed, or just rides bikes and would rather avoid a broken metatarsal (that's all of us).

By protecting the outer hand from impact, the Counterpunch reduces the risk of bar-clipping injuries. Originally intended for use during a comeback from injury, when fear of another strike is justifiably palpable, it soon found a permanent place on many test riders' bikes.

The curved surface slides rather than grabs, making it less likely the bar will hang up and throw the rider, giving more confidence to cut tighter lines beside trees. The Counterpunch is showing up on more and more personal bikes amongst NSMB testers and it works exactly as intended. It's a simple, lightweight piece of protection (and peace of mind) making it an easy way of adding protection to your hands without much of a weight penalty, at a reasonable cost. But the grips are great, too.

Single Clamp Grips

How can you make thin grips feel better? Firstly, by making the rubber eccentric to the bar. This puts more rubber on top and less on the bottom. It also eliminates the raised pressure point normally found at the end of thin grips.

Secondly, by removing areas of the inner core. This puts even more rubber under the heel of your hand where you need it most. And the cutaway at the thumb forms a flexible pad allowing for a small amount of flex that absorbs chatter and vibration.

Especially suitable for riders who like to hang the meat of their hand over the edge of the bar.

Counterpunch: $39 CAD and available direct from LoamLab.
Single Clamp Grip: $33 CAD
Counterpunch and Dual Clamp Grip package: $59 CAD

Biolite HeadLamp325_teal

The Biolite Headlamp 325 comes in three colours: Midnight Gray, Ocean Teal (shown here) and Ember Yellow.

Biolite HeadLamp325_teal tilt

The tilt function is handy and simple so it won't break at the wrong time, like when you're underneath the car or limping out of the woods with a mechanical.

Biolite Headlamp 325

If you want to talk about utility that stretches way beyond anything bike-related, a good head lamp is a bull's eye. For me, head lamps are a primary light source while camping, a great back up in case of a power outage (a fairly common occurrence on the windy Sunshine Coast), handy for after dark dog walks. I keep one in both of our vehicles, and always bring one on trips. On rides, they make for a great emergency backup in case your light(s) fail or if you're riding close to dark. Even if the recipient always has one, having a spare is never a bad thing. I like Biolite's 325 because it's it's ultra compact and light but still puts out enough light to be useful in a variety of situations (other than night riding - that would be a bridge too far).

  • Beam Distance: 75 meters
  • Run Time (Low: 40h / High:5h)
  • Battery Size: 700 mAh
  • Light Modes: White spot, white strobe, red flood, red strobe
  • 49.95 CAD - Buy Now

Hurly Burly 6 & The World Stage 5 - Misspent Summers

Misspent Summers has just launched the 2022 downhill and enduro yearbooks, Hurly Burly 6 and The World Stage 5, the history books of DH World Cup and Enduro World Series racing. These are great collector's items for every mountain bike superfan.

Featuring some of mountain biking’s best photography and writing presented across hundreds of pages produced and printed to the highest standards.

The World Stage 5 details

  • Covers the entire 2022 Enduro World Series, EWS-E and Trophy of Nations season
  • 260 pages – 300 and 130 GSM silk-finish FSC-certified stock
  • Principal photography by Boris Beyer, Sebastian Schieck, Sven Martin
  • Contributors include Matthew Fairbrother, Anita and Caro Gehrig, Guy Kesteven, Eddie Masters, Dan Roberts
  • Huge thanks to the supporting brands: Bell Helmets, Mondraker, Pivot Cycles, Race Face, Santa Cruz, SQlab
  • Price: £20 (bundle discount available)

Hurly Burly 6 details

  • Covers the entire 2022 UCI Downhill World Cup and World Championships season
  • 274 pages – 300 and 130 GSM silk-finish FSC-certified stock
  • Principal photography by Boris Beyer, Sebastian Schieck, Sven Martin
  • Contributors include Zach Faulkner, Chris Kilmurray, Alan Milway, Andrew Neethling, Emilie Siegenthaler, Lauren Smith
  • Huge thanks to the supporting brands: Bell Helmets, Crankbrothers, FOX Factory, Magura, Marin, Mondraker, Pivot Cycles, Santa Cruz, SQlab
  • Price: £20 (bundle discount available)

Available here.

NSBilled Daemon Pedals NSMB AndrewM.JPG

North Shore Billet Daemons may be for you if you're looking for a large, solid, machined in Canada pedal that's easy to service and will last for years. Photos: Andrew Major

NSB Daemon Pedal NSMB AndrewM.JPG

The Daemon pedal is one of Andrew's favourites.

NSBillet Daemon Pedal Sourcing NSMB AndrewM.jpg

One reason for that is that they are machined entirely in Canada, including the axles and pins. Some components come from elsewhere, but this is a legitimate MiC product.

North Shore Billet Daemon Pedal

Size. Traction. Machined in Canada (bodies, axles, and pins). Available in six colours, although for a long term investment like these are, silver makes a lot of sense (to hide all the abuse they'll take), although I'm somewhat partial to the Pewter. They have a slightly concave shape, if that's your thing (likely to be the case if you like the axle nearer the ball of your foot than the center). The flat pedal rider in your life will really appreciate these. They may last long enough to be heirlooms.

260 CAD from North Shore Billet

Crankbrothers Stamp Street Fabio Wibmer

Maybe more of a DJ/street/BMX shoe than a full bore trail shoe, although if you like a flexier sole and low profile toe box, they'll work great for you. They'll also work great for, you know, stuff the rest of the world uses shoes for - covering your feet and looking good doing it. Andrew's got the purple ones and seems almost distracted by the compliments from strangers. Whatever colour you choose, these are some of the best looking under the radar MTB shoes out there - bonus points for sticky soles and comfort.

Designed with freeride and trials athlete Fabio Wibmer, our Stamp Street Fabio shoes were created with life on and off the bike in mind. Featuring Match technology for a secure flat pedal connection, a bootie construction for day-long comfort, and a flexible mid-sole design to allow your foot to wrap the pedal for that all-important next bunny hop, the Stamp Street Fabio allows you to enjoy the Street Life, just like Fabio.

Men's size 5 - 14 // 129 USD at Crankbrothers.com

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+1 Pete Roggeman

I love the misspent summers crew, they make books about bikes that look and read like what riding mountain bikes feels like



Think you mean metacarpal (unless the counterpunch is protecting you while doing a can can)

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