2018 YT Capra 29 CF Pro Race
PRESS RELEASE – The Return of the Goat

The New 2018 YT Capra 27 & 29

Rumors have flown about for the better part of the last year of YT releasing a new version of their popular all-mountain bike, the Capra. The Capra – which means goat in latin – shares a lot of aesthetics with the previous version of the bike but for 2018 it has been made more capable with a claimed 10% stiffer frame that is also 15% lighter. The frame also had to pass the same tests that their Tues bike passes, which Aaron Gwin has proven to be a very capable sled on the World Cup. Options of either a 27.5-inch wheel with 180mm of rear wheel travel or 29-inch with 170mm of travel are also now available with a series of options for alloy or carbon frames. 

YT say that the suspension has been fine-tuned to provide more a more linear curve that provides ample mid-stroke support and enough end stroke support to balance the bike out. They're still utilizing their Virtual 4-Link suspension system, which is based on a Horst-Link design. 

What is perhaps the most interesting attribute of the new Capra is the sizing. YT have called their new philosophy "YT Tailor Made" and it's essentially resulted in the bikes becoming longer but the brand has been more aggressive with seat tube lengths, making it possible for riders to choose between two to three frame sizes to suit their needs. Build kits for the bikes also feature appropriately lengthed dropper-posts for the sizes. The larger sized frames – XL and XXL – feature chainstays that are 5mm longer than the smaller sizes, going from 427mm to 432mm on the 27.5 and 435mm to 440mm on the 29.

YT Capra 29 CF Pro Race three-quarter

The Capra 29 CF Pro Race

YT Capra 29 CF three-quarter

Capra 29 CF Pro 

YT Capra 29 AL three-quarter

Capra 29 AL

YT Capra 27 CF Pro Race three-quarter

The Capra 27 CF Pro Race

YT Capra 27 CF Pro three-quarter

Capra 27 CF Pro

YT Capra 27 AL Comp three-quarter

Capra 27 AL Comp

Aside from sizing the geometry is similar to others, with the 27.5 featuring a 65-degree head angle and a 75-degree seat tube angle – 68-degree actual. The 29-inch wheel option adds some adjustability, with riders able to select a high or low position by way of a flip-chip at the rear eyelet of the shock, adjusting the BB height within a 10mm range. Flipping the chip changes the head and seat tube angles as well, with a 65–65.5-degree head angle and 75.5–76-degree effective seat tube angle. Add in 170mm of travel and the 29-inch version is one aggressive bike.

YT Capra 27 CF Pro Race outside

2018 YT Capra 27 Geometry

Frame size: S M L XL XXL
Reach: 415mm 435mm 455mm 475mm 495mm
Top Tube: 572mm 594mm 617mm 639mm 661mm
Stack: 597mm 607mm 617mm 626mm 631mm
Seat Tube Length: 400mm 420mm 450mm 470mm 490mm
Chainstay Length (Effective): 427mm 432mm
Head Angle: 65º
Seat Tube Angle: 75º
Seat Tube Angle (Actual): 68º
BB Drop: -8mm
BB Height: 350mm
Wheelbase: 1,169mm 1,194mm 1,219mm 1,248mm 1,271mm
Head Tube Length: 97mm 109mm 120mm 130mm 135mm
Standover Height: 678mm 690mm 703mm 719mm 725mm

YT Capra 29 CF

2018 YT Capra 29 Geometry

Frame size: M L XL XXL
Reach: 440mm 460mm 480mm 500mm
Top Tube: 584mm 621mm 645mm 667mm
Stack: 621mm 630mm 639mm 644mm
Seat Tube Length: 420mm 445mm 465mm 490mm
Chainstay Length (Effective): 435mm 440mm
Head Angle: 65º/65.5º
Seat Tube Angle: 75.5º/76º
Seat Tube Angle (Actual): 66º/66.5º
BB Drop (Low/High): -25mm/-15mm
BB Height (Low/High): 351mm/361mm
Wheelbase: 1,203mm 1,227mm 1,256mm 1,279mm
Head Tube Length: 95mm 105mm 115mm 120mm
Standover Height: 699mm 723mm 735mm 745mm

YT has always been known for their competitive pricing and the new range continues on that trend, with the starting point for an alloy 2018 Capra being 2,499 USD (2,299 GBP / 3,349 CAD) and the entry level for a carbon Capra starting at 3,699 USD (3,399 GBP / 4,999 CAD). The top of the line CF Pro will set back riders 5,199 USD (4,699 GBP / 6,899 CAD).

To view the full range and more details head to YT Industries.

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Why no frame only option? If I could buy a frame with an X2 shock and maybe a fork of my choice, this would probably be the bsais for my next bike.

I would love to hear a comparison between the 2018 27.5 “ wheeled Capra, the Transition Patrol, the Santa Cruz Nomad and the Pivot Firebird.  All these bikes sound like awesome downhill smashers that you can also pedal back up hill with.



I am also interested in the comparative Capra 27 2018 and Transition Patrol SGB 2018



The addition of the XXL puts YT on the map for me and is one more piece of evidence that bike manufacturers are recognizing there are +6'2" riders out there.



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