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2018 Crankbrothers Stamp 3 Pedals

Words Andrew Major
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Date Sep 5, 2017

Crankbrothers Stamps

Crankbrothers is expanding the Stamp flat pedal line to four models plus a signature product for 2018. Last year's 13mm thick Stamp becomes the Stamp 7 and Stamp 11 with the 11 sporting a titanium axle and sweet gold-on-black anodized finish, priced at $150 (USD) and $300 (all prices in USD) respectively. 

Down the line the $80 Stamp 2 and the $100 Stamp 3 are 16mm wide in order to house the same guts as Crankbrothers clip-in pedalsThe Stamp 2 receives a heavier and less durable cast body. 

The most interesting pedal in the lineup is the new Stamp 3. 

Crankbrothers Stamp 3 AndrewM

Full Crankbrothers Stamp lineup with the Stamp 3 front and center. Available in three anodized finishes: Danny MacAskill Silver, black and light blue. 

Crankbrothers Stamp 3 AndrewM

The Stamp 7 - formerly the Stamp - and the Stamp 11 share the same body and internals. The top end Stamp 11 sports a titanium axle and ultra-Gucci finish. 

Crankbrothers Stamp 3 AndrewM

For an extra 3mm of height compared to the Stamp 7 and 11 the Stamp 2 and Stamp 3 get a sweet increase in concavity. 

Stamp 3

You might think the first thing that caught my attention about the Stamp 3 was the increased concavity over the higher end Stamp pedals or the fact that they're compatible with the standard IGUS bushing and Enduro bearing rebuild kits featured in the rest of the Crankbrothers lineup. In fact the most interesting thing about the Stamp 3 is that it's Danny MacAskill's signature model. It's fitting that Danny, a man of the people, decided to attach his brand to a product average riders can afford.  

Crankbrothers Stamp 3 AndrewM

As with the Crankbrothers clip-in models it is a five minute job to pull both pedal axles (factory grease showing) and pump them full of the heavy waterproof trailer bearing grease that makes bearings last in wetter locales. 

Like the rest of the Stamp line, the 3 comes in two platform sizes. The smaller platform is a square 100mm x 100mm. The larger platform is 114mm x 111mm. One for big feet and one for small feet? That's generally the case but Kellen at Crankbrothers pointed out that Danny is actually running the smaller platform on his trials bike and the larger platform on his trail bike. 

Crankbrothers Stamp 3 AndrewM

The whole Stamp lineup comes in two sizes. The bigger Stamp 3 shown here is the large. The smaller Stamp 3 is the small. 


The flat pedal market is flooded with options. With the Crankbrothers 5-year warranty, concave shape, three colour options, two size options, readily available easy to install rebuild kits and the backing of arguably the most well-known mountain biker on the planet, the Stamp 3 is worth a look. 

For more information about Crankbrothers Stamp pedals hit here

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