2015 Shimano Enduro shoes

Words Pete Roggeman
Date Jul 17, 2014

Shimano have released a new line of Trail/Enduro shoes and a hydration pack. Details below in their press release. Availability is expected for Fall 2014.


PRESS RELEASE: 2015 Shimano Enduro shoes and hydration pack

Aggressive trail riders and enduro racers, mountain bikers who blur the line between cross-country and downhill, require footwear that offers pedalling efficiency and the security of added protection. With Shimano’s new TORBAL line of shoes, riders can confidently attack the climbs and maintain control on technical descents.

Shimano’s new TORBAL (Torsional Balance) Technology better connects the rider and pedal with what the bicycle is doing underfoot while maintaining comfort and flexibility through all ranges of rider motion. TORBAL allows the outsole to twist, allowing for lateral movement of the rider, while keeping the forefoot aligned with the pedal. This encourages a natural rider “flow” motion, improving control especially during technical downhills, and allowing aggressive trail riders to push their limits even further.

The Enduro/Trail line of shoes also features special new dual-density, extra-cushion insoles for stability during the pedal stroke and enhanced shock absorption and cushioning for the foot. Heels and toes are protected from impacts with the combination of the low-profile, armored upper and molded, raised rubber sole.

Three models are offered: SH-M200, SH-M163, SH-M089

The SH-M200 is Shimano’s new premium trail/enduro shoe. Increased protection, excellent off-bike traction and TORBAL technology culminate in a shoe with XC efficiency and weight and the durability, grip and armor that trail riders require.

  • Asymmetrical collar for ankle protection
  • Reinforced low profile armor for increased protection and durability
  • Low-profile, micro-adjust buckle and speed-lacing closure system for perfect fit for a wide range of foot shapes
  • Shimano Volume + last for a more accommodating toe box
  • Expanded SPD cleat adjustment range
  • High traction rubber on the outer edge lugs and high durability rubber heel and pedal contact arch area
  • Available in Black (SH-M200L)
  • Weight for a size 40 pair is 762g
  • US $180.00 / CA $239

Shimano’s newly announced SH-M200 is their top of the line Trail/Enduro shoe. Though it presumably doesn’t replace the SH-AM45, it will be significantly lighter (by 200 grams) and stiffer.


A good look at the heel bumper protection, which looks significantly more robust than the protection offered by Shimano’s XC line up.


Old school laces are covered up. Sleek. The soles of all three of Shimano’s new TORBAL Enduro shoes feature an expanded cleat mounting area.


There’s a fine line between not enough armor on the toe, and feeling like you’re wearing clown shoes. This looks about right, but we only have these photos to go on – for now.

Shimano’s SH-M163 offers many of the features of the SH-M200 but foregoes some of the increased armored protection resulting in a lighter, more trail oriented shoe.


The SH-M163 is a trimmed down version of the M200, with less protection and no asymmetrical inner ankle cover, but also coming in at a lower weight.


A micro adjust buckle, Cross X-Strap, and one normally oriented velcro strap, in lieu of the M200’s lace and cover mid/lower foot retention.

  • Tough, synthetic leather upper with low-profile armor
  • Cross-X Strap optimized for relieving tension on top of the foot
  • Super low-profile, micro-adjust buckle securely holds foot
  • Single density, extra-cushion insole conforms to foot and provides shock absorbing protection
  • Shimano Volume+ last for a more accommodating toe box
  • Expanded SPD cleat adjustment range
  • Glass fiber composite polyamide mid sole for power transfer
  • High durability rubber outsole
  • Weight for a size 40 pair is 728g
  • US $150.00 / CA $199

Aimed at trail riders, the SH-M089 does without the armor of the SH-M163 and SH-M200 while offering TORBAL, expanded cleat adjustment and a high durability rubber outsole.


The M089 fills a lower price point but if TORBAL works as advertised, this should be a shoe you see a lot of on the trails once it’s available (Fall 2014).

  • Tough, stretch-resistant synthetic leather and mesh upper
  • Cross-X Strap optimized for relieving tension on top of the foot
  • Super low-profile, micro-adjust buckle securely holds foot
  • Shimano Volume+ last for a more accommodating toe box
  • Glass fiber composite polyamide mid sole for power transfer
  • Weight for a size 40 pair is 692g
  • US $120.00 / CA $159


Like all of Shimano’s Accu3D packs, the Unzen 4 Enduro packs a variety of clever features such as a tool and pump organizer, eyewear holder, zippered fleece pocket, reflective details and a loop for light attachment. The U4E adds special storage and innovations for enduro and trail riders.


The Unzen 4 Enduro (WTF is an Unzen?) represents good value at $90 US ($109 in Canuck/Monopoly money). Black/Yellow available in August and Black/Lightning Blue will be available in January 2015.


The U4E is listed as having 4 litres of storage (inside, at least), making it a minimalist pack, but for shorter races or summer riding where you don’t need to carry as much spare clothing or parts, this is a good thing.


Tired of your sunglasses digging into your head while stuck into your helmet on a climb? Here’s your solution.


Easy side pocket access without removing the pack is listed as being handy “between Enduro stages” or, you know, what we call regular ol’ mountain biking.


Full-face and pad friendly, and lots of other storage and strap options.

  • Storage for a full-face helmet, goggles and armor
  • Hydration reservoir compression cord to improve stability and deter pack shifting while riding
  • Easy side access pocket makes for quick stops during enduro stages
  • Additional pocket for a water bottle or jacket storage on the outside of the pack
  • Removable waist belt for use on intense, technical descents
  • Lightweight structure utilizing X-Harness for a body-hugging fit
  • 4 liters of storage
  • Hydration reservoir compatible
  • 605g weight (without reservoir)
  • Offered in Black/Yellow (Ltd Ed’n Available August 2014) and Black/Lightning Blue (Available January 2015)
  • US $90.00 / CA $109

Yep, those shoes look about right. WTF is an Unzen? Take your best guess in the comments below.


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hotschralp  - July 18, 2014, 8:32 p.m.

A quick google transate tells us that unzen is german for ounces.


Yess  - Feb. 7, 2015, 1:23 p.m.

It's actually named Unzen after a volcano in Japan.


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