2013 Crankworx Canadian Open DH Results

Date Aug 19, 2013

Opting not to race Garbanzo DH earlier in the week, Steve Smith did not defend his Crankworx triple crown from last year. However, he did pull in for top spot in both Thursday’s Air DH (see our photo set HERE) and Sunday’s Canadian Open. In the Canadian Open he beat out Mick Hannah by a curly moustache whisker, while Emmeline Ragot cleaned house over the rest of the women’s field.

Men’s Results

1. Steve Smith 2:47.81
2. Mick Hannah + 0.09
3. Sam Blenkinsop + 2.29
4. Loic Bruni + 2.66
5. Nick Beer + 2.98

Women’s Results

1. Emmeline Ragot 3:13.01
2. Claire Buchar + 8.77
3. Floriane Pugin +16.00
4. Micayla Gatto +18.88
5. Fionn Griffiths +21.81


Stevie comes through Heckler’s Rock. Photo Sean St. Denis / Crankworx.

Shirts off on the rock is one thing, but we’ve had enough with exposed buttocks…


SeanS.  - Aug. 21, 2013, 2:20 p.m.

Awesome Picture!!!! Can I post a link of the rest of the set?


Bentleysuper8  - Aug. 19, 2013, 9:57 p.m.

Jumpin Jesus on a pogo stick!!! A freaking chainsaw in that drunken mess???? That can't be safe.


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