Ben Wallace
Whip Off Worlds Photo Essay

16-Years Old in Whip Offs

Words Kaz Yamamura
Photos Kaz Yamamura
Date Aug 21, 2017

If you had to name one event at Crankworx that needs no introduction, Joyride would get tapped but Whip Offs might be second. The latter took place at the usual Crabapple Hits location, with crowd numbers reaching an all-time high. Whips to the left, whips to the right, and even some, how you say, "inverted aerials" that rustled the jimmies of Whip-Off sheriff Duncan Riffle; "No flips!" 

Whip Offs

Eliot Jackson hot on the heels of Bas van Steenbergen

Whip Offs

Whip-Off winner Allan Cooke shows why he's #1. Allan works for Santa Cruz and retired from riding bmx as a pro in 2009. And he's a badass.

Whip Offs

You couldn't miss 2 time winner Finn Illes with his flashy bike and flashier style.

A highlight for locals at Whip Offs this year was young gun racer by the name of Ben Wallace making it through qualifiers to the big show. At 16 years of age Ben is still learning how to operate motor vehicles but he has his full license in the world of style. Having numerous BC Cup downhill race wins under his belt, he spent the better part of his summer racing the World Cup circuit in Europe, and coming in hot in 13th place in the most recent Mont Sainte-Ann race. In between Dual Slalom and Canadian Open practice, he headed up to Crabapple with his father, Mike Wallace (A reviewer for to show that not only is his coach Chris Kovarik mentoring Ben's speed, but his steeze as well. 


"I'm not too worried about getting the biggest whip out there, I just want to cruise and keep it chill. I've got Dual Slalom and Canadian Open coming up, and those are my 2 favourite races up here."


"I don't really have huge expectations, I'm not here to win, I'm just here to put it sideways and have fun"

Ben Whip

Ben getting sideways. It's possible he should have made the final 30.


Get your protractors out. Here is Ben on the actual judged Whip Off  jump. Ben also managed silver in the dual slalom the next day. 

Mike Wallace

"Oh man, I'm just worried. He's got Canadian Open this weekend and the last thing I want is for Ben to get hurt doing this. It's sweet to see him whipping with these guys though" - Ben's dad, Mike Wallace


Jordie Lunn saluting.


Now that is super boost plus, courtesy of Reed Boggs.


Speed scrubs.


Curtis Robinson whipping his way to the MOTV premiere.

Ben is part of a generation of riders inspired by Stevie Smith, and they are poised to make their mark on the world stage in the coming years. And at Whip Offs!

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Lowcard  - Aug. 21, 2017, 6:24 p.m.

Riding a set of We Are One Composites hoops!


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