142 Miles from Monday

Video Alex Witkowicz
Date Nov 23, 2015

Monday is a good day to take stock of things like life direction and priorities. Allow photographer and filmmaker Alex Witkowicz to provide your weekly dose. 142 Miles from Monday is sure to have an impact if you take the time to consider its message.


This is a film about stepping away from the 9-5 lifestyle, the benefits of scaring yourself, and about connecting with nature to find meaning in everyday life.

The film follows three mountain bikers riding the legendary Kokopelli Trail in the high mountain desert; a place they’ll find is often unpredictable and unforgiving, but one that reveals lessons for those who explore its lonely landscapes.

Check out my behind the scenes post on Medium here: medium.com/@alexwitkowicz/142-miles-from-monday-1ec031e7481d

To learn more about Heath’s bike bag company, check out his page.

Nice little dose of perspective. Might have to give that one a watch next Monday, too.


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