You Don’t Know: Brett Tippie

The Side of Tippie You Haven't Seen

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September 25th, 2013

Seb Kemp and Dan Barham have done a great job in this piece for Bike Mag. Tippie gets into some of the harder things he’s faced during his time as a professional rider, the time he was off the bike, and how he came out of it to continue working in the industry. Well worth the watch.

Great job Dan and Seb, and thanks Tippie for sharing…

  • Uncle Duke

    richey schleys hair products still going strong…funny stuff..

  • PHeller

    Fantastic interview. Such a warm dude.

  • klankilla

    he is the most real and authentic person ever!

  • Brother Lu

    I allway’s thought this guy was cool.We need more like him.

  • green t