World’s First Gearbox Fat Bike

Making the Weird Even Weirder

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February 18th, 2014

Nicolai has produced the world’s first gearbox fat bike, making use of an 18-speed Pinion gearbox. To go along with this announcement, a video of some snowy shralpage.


The Nicolai Argon Fat Pinion in all its… glory?

Gearbox fatbike – is this what the world needs?

  • slyfink

    IMHO, a gear box on a fat bike makes total sense. They aren’t (overly) concerned with weight, riding in the snowy/mucky/sandy conditions is going to gunk up your derailleur and freeze it up in a hurry, and fatbikes are hardtails so you don’t need to be overly concerned with chain (or belt in this case) tension. finally, as you point out, they’re both weird, so made for each other.

    My only question is would the oil in the gearbox freeze when temps get really cold? you know, like they do in winter. when the snow is on the ground? And I’m talking temps below -15°C…

  • craw

    Why don’t we see more of the Pinion gearbox? Someone said it has to do with all the big companies being invested in their patented suspension designs, which are all based on a traditional derailleur system.

  • Jerry-Rig

    Zerode is using a pinion gearbox on their proto trail bike.

  • GladePlayboy

    Cool concept… however, in reality I’ve never had my rear derailleur malfunction on my fat bike, whether it be in deep snow or bitter cold. But still, this would be a good application for that technology. The pinion gearbox on the Zerode prototype trail bike looks freaking amazing.

    • boomforeal

      when i was couriering in montreal i had my rear derailleur gum up with snow fairly frequently. it was definitely a liability when riding in wet snow and slush… along with my slick tires, and cantilever brakes 😉 this bike would seem to do away will all of those weak links

  • CraigH

    I’ve had a rear derailleur lock up solid over night due to frozen mud when doing a multi-day fall ride in the Chilcotin. We had to warm up the drivetrain by the fire to chip the mud off.