World Cup DH #6: Méribel preview

From the POV, Méribel Looks Amazing

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August 20th, 2014

“Doing it the French Way”.

Claudio, we will really miss you during the off season. No bare asses or crashes this time, just a really fun course preview, even more so since it was Claudio’s first time riding the course.

Claudio checks in at NSMB, so make sure to write him a love letter in the comments.


  • I’ll go first:

    Dear Claudio,

    Please don’t ever change. Your course previews make me wish there were twice as many World Cup stops every year. While I can do without the pale white asses of the dorks mooning you as you whizz by, your rolling commentary while pinning it on scary DH tracks in your non-native tongue is pretty f*cking impressive. Here’s hoping you can figure out a way to pre-ride the Worlds Course…

  • Dorian Rochowski

    BEST course preview ever. “Einstein, you were wrong….” was EPIC 🙂

  • Jonathan Harris

    Claudio is awesome, that course looked like it scared him in spots, more than any course this year. I sometimes talk to myself when I ride but trying to describe what I ride is a whole other ball game.

  • Thingy

    That was hilarious and scary at the same time. Well done, Claudio.

  • primodeelux

    Always enjoy Claudio. I’m sure his chamois changed color multiple times during that run!