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Giro's Australian Adventure with Anthill Films

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April 2nd, 2014

Jared Graves, Kelly McGarry, and Adam Craig, riding Graves’ home trails in Queensland Australia. Great video from Anthill Films and a pile of photos below…

Jared Graves is one of the most well-rounded riders in mountain biking with success in 4X, downhill, BMX and now enduro. We visited Graves’ hometown and explored Queensland, Australia, (with American enduro haunch Adam Craig and Kiwi freeride star Kelly McGarry) to check out the trails and learn what makes Graves so fast. In addition to kangaroos and snakes we found Graves busy cultivating a cycling mecca in Toowoomba, with dozens of dedicated mountain bike trails, a booming bike club and a local race series.

We discovered a bit of everything in this part of Australia—rugged singletrack, a freeride hotspot, good surf and a picture-perfect backdrop. Watch these three world-class riders shred the foreign landscape in this video.

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These riders are kitted out in Giro helmets, shoes and gloves, including, Cipher Helmet, Feature Helmet, Chamber Shoes, Jacket Shoes and Terraduro Shoes.

G’day mate… let’s put another shrimp on the barbie!

  • McGarry on Graves: “…he’s definitely got some pace…” in his casual delivery style.

    Uh, yeah. Graves has ‘some pace’.