What’s in Your Bag? Day Two

Looking in the Otter's Pocket

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April 20th, 2013

Friday at Sea Otter is generally the calm before the storm. Athletes are still in practice mode as most of the events happen over the weekend, and the throngs of civilians have yet to infiltrate the grounds at Laguna Seca. We once again roamed the expo with the question, What’s in YOUR Bag, Sea Otter?


Brendan Howey is new to the Race Face roster and he wants you to know it: if you bump into him, just ask, he’ll probably hand you a poster from his hany collection.


In Rachel Throop’s bag: Swedish candy, Camel snus, and new dropouts to convert her Intense to 27.5.


Andrew Cho’s pockets contained a bunch of pro video and photo gear, and 700 Taiwanese clams. As GT’s content marketing manager, he needs to produce content, so there you go: tools of the trade.


We found HB Herbold cutting across the grass to get back to the SRAM tent. He produced a SIDman USB stick.


No one has been on the circuit longer than Monkey. At least we’re pretty sure that’s the case (correct us if we’re wrong). He’s had his Facom allen key set for over two decades and they are still going strong – a testament to good quality tools.


RockShox product manager Jeremiah Boobar showed us what’s in his box. We could say more, but only 3% of you would understand.


Luke Fulton. Chromag. Rad Times. Dirt slurping. Bicycle Rockers.


The fairer Atherton keeps a regular journal detailing her racing and training program.


Also in her bag: a range ball, a foam roller, and “nosebleed tampon”.


Mitchell Scott pours a mean Beergerita. He also packs a ‘berry and some snus for those times when beer and tequila are not the answer. We didn’t know there were times like those, but we know better now.


Lorraine Blancher was happy to produce a Revelstoke-sized Mt. Begbie Tall Timber Ale from the depths of her bag, and proceeding to crack it open on her chainring and get to business. Good show.

Some unexpected stuff in those bags today…

  • PinkRobe

    Yeah Lorraine, Mt. Begbie makes good things!

  • CoilAir

    Love the jokes in the captions… Haha!

  • leverfingers

    Herbold “cut across the grass”….Heh Heh.

    • CoilAir


  • nouseforaname

    Wet as an otters pocket?

  • boomforeal

    a google search of rachel troup intense yields no results… just some random cutie you guys decided to harass?

    • Onegear

      Most likely. Sea otter coverage for frat boys!