Weekend Warmup

A Legendary Collection

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April 25th, 2013

It’s highly likely that you’ll be spending your weekend doing something like this. Here’s some entertainment to throw on while you turn wrenches. (Of course, you’re also welcome to join us at our Expresso trail day…)

Next Level: India

Kilian Martin is this generation’s Rodney Mullen. Super creative skating, and always well-edited.

Original Bo$$

Speaking of Rodney, take a trip back to the days when you had to buy VHS tapes.

The Man, The Myth

Shane McConkey also has OG boss status. If you’re into the McConkey story, G.N.A.R. the Movie is a good primer when you’ve got an hour to kill.

Hawaii Five-Oh-Oh

And another dude sending it on snow. Big up Alex Cairns.

Get after it!

  • jadavis

    McConkey doesn’t “also [have] OG boss status”, he is THE OG. Not only is he responsible for the awesome powder skis we have today, he took saucering to a whole new level. He could stick uphill ice, on his saucer. These three are just some more good examples of how much a boss he was

  • Dirk

    That Kilian Martin is a circus boarder. Comparing him to Rodney Mullen (or Daewon Song) is a travesty.

  • LostBoyScout

    Kilian does some cool stuff, like at 3:38. But the hand plant wall ride stuff is stupid IMO and the super frantic hopping around doesn’t do it for me in the slightest. I like technical more than anyone but it has to flow.