Weekend Warmup

The One and Only Warmup

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February 6th, 2014

We’ve gathered another bunch of awesome videos. This should keep you busy for the next few days…

Skiing Bike Trails in Nelson

Super fun ski video – half of it is on Nelson bike trails and they cap off the section with a classic huck.

Tate Roskelley’s Back

The Come Up asks “Is this the most creative BMXer on earth?” Yes. Yes he is.

The Glint

“Every creation is imbued with the being that created it.”

She’s Still Got It

“Between 1996 and 2004 Wendy Fisher was the most dominant female Big Mountain Freeskier in the world – then she had kids. Nearly a decade later, we revisit Wendy to see if she’s still got ‘it’.”

Wink Grant: Reel Time

“These are the clips that didn’t work for Wink’s latest web edit, but they still grimey enough for a one way ticket to swag city, ya know.” Only ONLYmtb can get away with captioning videos like this.

Indoor Mountain Biking Worth Watching?

In the late ‘90s, BMX was really down with combinations of nothings, no handers, and other weird stuff. Jeremy Weiss grabs that feel and combines it with some modern style. Not your average indoor mountain bike edit.

99 Days

Just over 3 months until Whistler Mountain Bike Park Opens. So excited!

Fat Biking the Lost Coast

This is what fat bikes were truly meant for. *Salute*

Luge For Two

Telling it like it is.

Now that you’re all greased up, go outside and do something!

  • smackthelip

    more Scott Grant is tight. really accentuated the facepalmness of roskellys continual embassment to the 20” wheel. just trawlin the cumdump eh?

    • morgman

      We been trawlin since the beginning out there.

    • tashi

      bicycle motocross = serious business

      • smackthelip

        just a little more for those who love it/ride it/live it/are emotionally invested in it. as opposed to spectators. if you are agreeing with then just be ready for anonymous assholes like me to call you out on it

  • CraigH

    The Lost Coast Fat bike video makes me want to get a fat bike, load up the touring gear and hit some remote beach. It is long but worth watching if you are into that kind of stuff.

  • Cheez1ts

    That Glint video adds another item to the list of things I want to build myself before I die.

    • morgman

      It inspired two thoughts for me: first, that I would like to get my motorcycle out of the shed and do some work before insuring it for the summer – the email is off about using a friend’s shop space for that; and second, that I would like to take a stab at doing video – first step is a proper tripod.

      • KazYamamura

        There are some Manfrotto fluid heads with legs for about $300