Weekend Warmup

Surfin' Birds for the Weekend!

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December 20th, 2013

It’s surfin’ birds week here on Weekend Warmup!

Surfing Swans

These guys are awesome! Surfin’ birds!

This Is Now In Your Head

It was my understanding that everyone had heard.

Tobogganing Crow

But seriously, surfin’ bird guys.

Mexico Calling

Back to the actual surfing now.

The Colours, Man

4 minutes of footage, reorganized into this 1:37 clip. What colour are you?

Kris Foster: Freeride MX in Kamloops

Video of the week. Hands down.

Too Much Rockstar

Got so pumped on energy drinks watching that Kris Foster video…

All Hail Hoang Tran

Hoang Tran used to be the king of the slow barspin but he’s now the king of the everywhere turndown. Nose manny to turndown!


Racy mountain bike racers.


Chuck Norris doesn’t do his own stunts.

Gonna surf a turkey into the oven next week?

  • Uncle Duke

    girl surfers! those are some amazing looking girls…

  • cam

    My kind of moto. My kind of surfing as well.

  • Jon-boy

    If the surfing in Hawaii doesn’t live up to what was in that video I will be disappointed. The waves were nice too.

  • smackthelip

    Hoanggy. ah the slammed seat barspin. chese dehart was the king actually. they both stopped pretty soon into them as it was clear that neither wanted to sacrifice the points for putting their seat up – even for as long as it would take to learn the movement well enough to shoot them without bike wobble. Eddie cleveland had no such problems and is (still) the king of the slow barspin. Brian wizmerski is the king of the everywhere turndown. just some friendly BMX history

    • morgman

      Always happy when people chime in with these tidbits! Clearly “king” is a strong word to use, but you gotta ruffle some feathers sometimes…

  • smackthelip

    cool, kudos on selection