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Canada Versus The World

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November 21st, 2013

It’s Canada versus the world this week. America, Austria, Britain, and Canada itself all step into the ring…


Matt and Jason found some American friends to expose some stereotypes in the land of the free.

This is Going to Come in Handy

I don’t know if this will ever replace my MSR WhisperLite, but experimenting when out of cell range is inevitable…

Rob Ford the Movie

While politiics is generally an arena we don’t step into, the caricature that Toronto’s mayor has become seems only to be getting more entertaining at the moment.

Have a Good Time

The boys at Chris King sent us this little ditty, which is pretty fun until it gets weird – but Portland is all about being weird, so we’re cool with it.

How To Make a Film Reel

Step 1: Film a pile of time lapses.
Step 2: Film a pile of action sports footage.
Step 3: Find some piano music with a bit of bass.
Step 4: ???
Step 5: PROFIT

But to be honest, it’s a good watch from the boys out of Kelowna.

How To Make a Trailer

Lots of random shots that may possibly tell the story of the entire movie, with cringe-worty but somehow perfect voiceover?

Down the Mountain with Style

Some key points here if you’re hoping to hit the slopes this winter.

Hoji: 3 Days in Austria

Guaranteed to make you at least consider going ski touring…

Who won the internet this week?

  • Dirk

    Man. This is a lot of videos. I’m imagining Morgan, sitting in a darkened room in his underwear, watching video after video, just to come up with this list once a week.

    • Jdot

      that’s exactly what happens

    • morgman

      Creative types don’t call it “the cave” for its expansive views – it’s more of a portal into the deepest, darkest corners.

  • Vikb

    That alcohol stove works great and is dead easy to make. I use it on all my mountain bike tours.

  • Hepcat

    Wow, stoked to see the “One Dolla” guy from Hawaii in Matt’s Murrica video! I wonder how they connected?

  • mfreeman72

    Not surprised the Chris King video is a little weird…that’s Riverview, a new property for mountain biking (and about the only single track close to downtown). It used to be owned by the adjoining cemetery, now it belong to the city who are in consultation with user groups (including the local IMBA affiliate) as to what to do with it. There’s a couple of trails on it, but there’s a moratorium on building until the plan is set.

    I’ve ridden it a few times; short but has potential. However, there’s some weird homeless encampments hidden in there, and I’ve come across a few spots that left me wondering if it was an abandoned camp site or some sort of public art project. Given that this is Portland, there’s a strong possibility it was both.