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April 12th, 2013

Another collection of stuff from outside the usual borders.


Coastal Crew photographer Nicolas Teichrob teamed up with Anthony Bonello to create STAND, a water-based documentary whose title has multiple meanings. If you were interested in seeing this one long and large, it’s premiering at the Fred Wood theatre at UBC on May 4th.

Socks are a Necessity.

Darcy Turenne makes pretty movies. This one is about how people need to wear socks when running for 24 hours straight.

Another Wheel Size

BMX has concluded that in order to progress their sport to the next level, they are going to have to do what has been considered mountain biking for many years. The continuation of Dane Searls’ project, Giants of Dirt – dig up the rest after watching Part 1 HERE.


Thomas Vanderham joined us at our outdoor show booth for a signing, and now he’s joined forces with our booth partner, Toyota Dealers of BC, on their Trophy Trucks promotion. We tend to agree about the usefulness of the Team Tacoma.


Vanderham scrub. Photo Sterling Lorence

Who’d have thought there was a practical reason for toe socks?

  • mfreeman72

    Darcy once again proves herself to be the renaissance woman of the mountain biking world. Writer, film maker, athlete.

    A beautifully shot piece of film; my one critique is that there’s WAY too much v/o copy; for it to function as an effective marketing tool the copy needs to be trimmed down to about 30% of what it is now. It’s actually distracting from the message.